Monday, 1 June 2009

LGN Russell Square 1km Loop

Russell Sqaure water fountain evokes powerful imagery of energy giving sustanance and life.....

About as central London as you can get, the Russell Square LGN 1km loop provides a quick endorphin 1km fix for those not wanting to go too far from the office
LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs


These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:

  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs

  2. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress

  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races

  4. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km

  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

We at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes with same start / finish area, however when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.

Have two measuring wheels looked more happy doing what they were born to do?
For those wanting to know where Russell Sqaure is and where the LGn 1km loop starts and finishes please click on mapping link below.

But for those who want to know exact start & finish points please see below for LGN pictorial tour.

Start is North East entrance closest to Russell Square tube station and start line if from leg of Russell Square information sign as you run anti clock-wise.

The LGN 1km loop essentially hugs the internal outer path around Russell Square, this is 545 metres around, and thus 1km requires almost 2 loops

Measurement proof, Russell Square is 545 metres around outer path

Head straight down first long straight and get ready to go right around flower beds

And here are the flower beds, you take the longer righ hand fork route around

Keep going stright following path around outer edge and bearing left at end

Turn again left again around outside path

Keep going straight to original starting point, from start point here you need to do 95% of loop again finishing on same final straight as shown above, just past park bench on right

Next to park bench you will see an X marks the finishing spot - 1km in the bag!

Finish line it in all its glory.

In summary, Russell Square outer path loop is 545 metres long, thus LGN 1km loop is 90m shy of 2 complete loops.

If you want a quieter and local single loop 1km, you are best of using the LGN Regents Park 1km loop - only 10 mins light jog away, please check LGN May 2009 blog for details -
So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly LGN time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.

We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook:
Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via for more info.
Happy running from all the team at LGN