Tuesday, 19 May 2009

LGN Green Park 1km Loop

What better place to test your physical attributes than a royal park that was the London dueling site up to the late 17th century when King Charles numero dos added 40 acres for his own walking constitution - hence Constitution Hill

17th Green Park was enjoyed by landed gentry in heavy imported cotton, lace and latterly tweed, and we are lead to believe that no moisture wicking Dri Fit material was readily available

LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/

These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:
Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  1. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress
  2. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races
  3. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km
  4. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

'But how accurately measured are these LGN 1km loops?' we hear you say...
While we at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes with same start / finish area, however when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.

LGN 1km measuring precision, the passion is just infectious

The LGN Green Park 1km is a very simple loop but is not for the Run Club faint hearted, as its hill will test physical and mental resolve, if you want the easy flat & quick option pop over to our Hyde Park 1km loop instead...

To gain a good overview idea of Green Park course please click on mapping link below:

But to get a guided pictorial & detailed tour of the LGN loop please see below.

Lamp post in middle of Park acts as both start and finish point, with pathway intersection possibly symbolising the cross roads of your fitness?

Luckily someone had already marked the start point with a dash of eco friendly white paint at the base of the lamp post.

Your view as you consider the beginning of your LGN 1km loop, the pathway ahead quickly leads to only hill on the course, hang on to your hat & get ready to get inside the hurt box.

Keep going straight and the summit is now nearly in sight

Almost at the top, keep going straight & don't be tempted by the delights of the left hand path

Bearing left at the top of the hill

Now you start to feel the surge in thigh bound delight as gravity goes from being foe to friend on the delightful descent

Now feel your running rhythm pick up as you run down along side Constitution Hill

As you approach Buckingham Palace bear left and get ready for final 250m dash for the line

Turning left at the big tree on the corner, your finishing line awaits

Finish line is in middle of path intersection

With 'X' opposite the post marking the exact 1km point

So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.

We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24456264587

Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com for more info.

Happy running from all the team at LGN

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6 reps with 30 sec rest in 3:34's