Monday, 18 May 2009

LGN Hyde Park 1km Loop

The green Jewel in London's Park running crown

A truly inspiring London park to come back to each month and measure your LGN Run Club progress.

The 2009 World Elite Triathlon Champs will try out the 2012 Olympic course in Hyde Park, so feel the passion and let your running evolve while surrounded by central London foliage beauty.
LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs

These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes;
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  2. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress
  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun funs or PB races
  4. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km
  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

While we at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear like grip, for measuring our LGN 1km loops while we used internet mapping to idenify best routes with same start / finish area, however we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed 1km.

Our measuring wheels worked so hard for the LGN 1km cause, we sent them off on holiday, as with all working relationships, romance is always a possibility..

The LGN Hyde Park 1km loop is flat and fast, based near the Lancaster Gate entrance and starts next to Speke's Needle Nile monument.

Please find the LGN Hyde Park / Kensingnton Gardens 1km Map My Run route below:

Please also find the LGN photo montage of 1km course below to help guide you.

Speke's Nile monument marks Start & Finish of LGN 1km loop

Path inter section is both start line and finsihing line - how handy

Head directly down path towards 'Statue of Physical Energy'

Take 2nd path on right upon approaching 'Statue of Physical Energy'

Then take 1st right and you will see Kensignton Garden lake on left

Keep going stright over inter section, keeping Lake on your left & get ready for the home straight

And now for the final approx 300m finish, heading back towards Speke's Needle Monument, your finishing line is the same path inter section from where you began

And there we have it, the LGN Hyde Park (Kensington Gardens) 1km loop.

So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.

We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook:

Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via for more info.

Happy running from all the team at LGN


Glenn Saqui said...

I'm all over this like a fat kid on candy. I'll have a go at this later in the week and get with some times.


Henry said...

Here goes - first marker has been laid down: 10km 32.44
Split times: 6.38 (2k), 3.19, 3.19, 3.18, 3.16, 3.16, 3.14, 3.13, 3.07.
Tight corners, a few tourists to avoid, but quality, much fun, loop. I'll be back.

Henry said...

Glenn and I laid down a new mark in the rain today:
3.17, 3.16, 3.15, 3.14, 3.15, 3.14, 3.10, 3.13, 3.10, 3.05 = 32.14
Hope someone out there can join in the fun!
Thanks Ben Pochee.